Traditional Insurance

Insurance Category: 

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial insurance to protect from the risk of destruction or damage to a business’s buildings, stock or equipment. Coverage can be offered on an all risk or specific peril basis.

Commercial Liability Insurance

Covers liability exposures that are that are common to almost all types of business for their products or completed operations. It covers property damage and bodily injury to others due to negligence that you become legally liable for.

Commercial Auto / Fleets Insurance

Automobile insurance coverage for liability during the operation of, and physical damage, to motor vehicles.

Business Interruption Insurance

Coverage to protect your business from the loss of revenue resulting from the interruption of business caused when a claim for property damage occurs.

Fidelity Coverage

Protects the business from loss of money, securities, or employee dishonesty resulting from a crime.

Equipment Breakdown (aka Boiler) Insurance

This insurance coverage protects a business against losses that can result from a breakdown of heating, refrigeration, air conditioning equipment, pressure vessels, boilers, production machinery, electrical apparatus and/or electronic equipment.