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Five Trends Affecting Insurance for Entrepreneurs

It's 2018 and with the non-stop advancement of technology and ever-changing business models, both insurance companies and entrepreneurs need to stay ahead of risks that could affect their businesses.  Learn about the five trends affecting insurance for entrepreneurs and contact us today to find out how we help our clients stay ahead.

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Is Insurance a Summer Fun Sucker?

The warm days of summer are approaching!  With it brings different forms of entertainment for all ages.  When we start organizing our summer activities we need to consider if our insurance is a fun sucker!! Here are a few examples of where insurance can dictate how much fun you can really have without the proper steps being taken:

Broker Insurance Summer Fun Tips

Motorcycle Safety, Awareness and Insurance Coverage

As the weather is warming up in Nova Scotia, more motorcycles are coming out of storage and bikes are hitting the road again. It is important to take some precautions to ensure a safe and enjoyable motorcycle season for everyone.

Get Your Bike Ready to Ride

  • Check the oil and fuel levels
  • Test brakes, signals, and lights
  • Lube and adjust the chain to manufacturer's specifications
  • Check cables for signs of wear or fraying
  • Take a rider-training course to brush up on your riding skills
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Overland Water

Coverage for water Damage has changed – Stay informed.

Overland Water – Are you covered?
Overland water protection responds to claims that result from the accumulation or runoff of surface water including torrential rainfall when water enters the property. The coverage can be added to a wide range of insurance products including homeowners, condos, rental properties, seasonal properties and secondary properties.


How to Make a Disaster Safety Kit!

March 7 – 14 is Emergency Preparedness Week and we’d like to share some tips on creating a disaster safety kit.