A Digital Division of WCL Bauld

A Digital Division of WCL Bauld Insurance Brokers




For businesses providing or offering consulting services.
For businesses that build, install, or fix things.
For businesses that sell goods online or at a physical location.
For businesses that own or manage property.


At Insurance4Business, we understand that no two businesses are the same, that's why we offer specifically tailored coverage to those who break the mold. Contact us to discuss your insurance needs.


Why Choose I4B ?

Looking for business insurance? You've come to the right place. At Insurance4Business we'll help you get the coverage that suits you and your business best. 


Not quite the blink of an eye, but close. We ask only a few questions to get the ball rolling, and then you'll get your quotes either from one of our agents or instantly from our online service. 


No brain surgery happening here. Just fill in a few quick details about you and your business and we take care of the rest.


What's better than getting the best coverage for your business? Getting to save your time and money by having all your insurance living under one roof. 




As a business owner, you face daily risks that can cause setbacks to your enterprise. Our business blog is written by the brokers you know and trust, to give you important tips to help your business stay protected.