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Contractors & Artisans
For businesses that build, install, or fix things.



Contractor insurance coverage should be tailored to meet your specific needs. With our artisan and service contractor options, you can get the property and/or liability protection that's right for you.

These are some examples of contract and artisan businesses that should be protected:


Why do Contractors & Artisans need insurance?

When you drop a hammer off the roof

As a hired contractor on a client’s premises, you are responsible for the safety of all parties around your work.  For example, if a neighbour was injured by something falling from the area you are working in, you could be found liable for injury or property damage that occurs.  Those legal expenses could cause your business serious financial harm. A Commercial General Liability policy can help to defend and pay settlements if you are found negligent.

When a fire occurs on a job site

If your portable heater is left too closely to flammable material and catches fire at a construction site, you may be held responsible for all costs to repair and/or replace the damaged property.  The destruction of an entire home could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair and could devastate your business financially.

When someone steals your tools out of your truck

If your tools are properly locked and secured in your work vehicle but a thief is able to gain entry and steal them, you could be unable to earn an income and/or complete current contracts.  A Commercial Property Insurance policy could replace your tools and pay lost income while you are unable to work.




Commercial General Liability Policy

Commercial general liability insurance - protects your business if you're found legally liable for injuries or property damage to others caused by you or your products.

Commercial Property Insurance Policy

Commercial Property Insurance protects your physical assets such as building, stock, equipment and computers, including equipment removed from your premises (at a client's business, temporarily in transit).

Builders Risk Insurance Policy

Broad form protection for your construction project site and all property that will be part of the completed building or structure, expendable materials and supplies necessary to complete the project, landscaping, temporary buildings, scaffolding, temporary infrastructure including contents, computers and software in construction site offices.  Also, protection for your business income, including fines or damages.

Equipment and Tool Floaters

As a contractor you are always on the move with large and small equipment and tools. Those can be insured under equipment floater and tool floater wherever they reside.

Pollution Liability

Pollution Liability Insurance protects contractors against claims arising from releases of pollutants on customers property.